Summit 300 AAC Blackout 110gr V-MAX

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Summit 300 AAC Blackout 110gr V-MAX

Summit .300 AAC BLK 110 gr V-MAX is constructed utilizing a Hornady polymer-tipped, jacketed-lead projectile loaded with all new components. The polymer tip increases the ballistic coefficient and initiates dramatic expansion upon impact.

Quantity: 250 rounds

Recommended for barrels with a twist rate of 1:7 or slower – e.g., 1:7, 1:8, 1:9, 1:10.
Barrels with a twist rate faster than 1:7 (e.g., 1:6, 1:5) may cause deformation of the bullet. If deformation occurs, accuracy will be greatly-inhibited. If using a suppressor, the deformed bullet may damage the suppressor.

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300 AAC Blackout