Barnes 6.5MM 120gr Tipped TSX – 12/ct


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Barnes Rifle Bullet Samples 6.5mm (.264″) 120gr Tipped TSX BT BC443 – 12/ct

Here’s an idea so simple yet so brilliant, we wonder why nobody’s done it before the folks at Bullet Proof! Small sample packs let you test out new bullets during load development without having to buy a whole box of 50 or 100 before you find out what shoots well in your rifle. Saves money and keeps your reloading bench uncluttered with partially-consumed boxes of bullets. Sold in packs of 12 – just right for working up a few 3 shot groups – and available in a variety of calibers & weights. Manufacturer: Bullet Proof Samples Llc. Manufacturer Item Number: BP26430,

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Bullet Proof Samples Llc.