Murom Large Pistol Heavy Metal Free Primers – 1,000 count


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These primers are heavy metal free and there is absolutely nothing in the exhaust which is environmentally harmful. This means there is no lead exhaust so the primers are ideal for gallery use or for those who have a problem with lead exposure.

The large pistol primers, KVB45E, have been extensively tested in the .45 acp with good results but have not been tested in larger cases such as the 44 magnum. No claims are made concerning their use in the larger cases.

Due to their mild ignition characteristics they will produce slightly lower muzzle velocities and chamber pressures and will require a 3 to 15 percent increase in powder charge to duplicate established loading data.

Most Lead free or HMF primers on the market today have a problem with reliability due to moisture or storage at higher temperatures which causes misfires. This primer has none of these problems and has a storage life equivalent to standard non-corrosive primers.

In view of the above and due to the “surplus” or foreign manufacture factors. These are sold on “as is” basis.

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